Baku Old City

Sightseeing tour of Baku with a visit and tour of the monumental, historical and architectural monuments of the city: you will see a panorama of the city of Baku Bay and the Upland Park.

Then follows the visiting of the old city *Icheri sheher-the inner city*. Icheri sheher means the inner city. It was called the inner after the oil boom of the middle of the XIX century when the city stopped to hold in defense walls and left its limit. Several tens of the historical- architectural monuments at the same time the Shirvanshakhs Palace, the symbol of Baku city The Maiden Tower, the place of merchants rest Karavansaray are concentrated in the Icheri sheher, with the square of 22 hectares. Icheri sheher is the live organism which has its own infrastructure and inhabited files. The place where 1300 families are living. In a word it is an ancient city in the modern city.

shirvan shakh museum OLD CITY  Papakhs_at_old_bazaar(market)_old_city_baku_azerbaijan Old_city_baku_azerbaijan1  Old City  Walls_of_the_fortress_of_the_Baku_Old_City_(Azerbaijan)_-_10-12centuries4 Icheri Sheher in Baku