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Gobustan picnic lunch


Gobustan – Mud Volcano teambuilding


09:30 Pick up from the hotel by 4X4 SUV jeeps and drive to mud volcanoes

10:45 Arrive Activity area & Start Activities (tent set up with tea and drinks)

10:45 - 13:15 Activities.


12 All participants are distributed in the appropriate Zorkhania circles and begin to knead the muscles with the help of professional sports paraphernalia, as the wrestlers do before going out. Everything is accompanied by the rhythms of Nagara and Davula. After warming up the muscles and choosing the right power distribution strategy and choosing an opponent, the participants try to pull the opponent out of the circle.

2. Archery

3 Archery at static targets (gazelles). Participants play the role of primitive hunters of ancient Gobustan.

3. Javelin throw

4 Team members will show their spear throwing abilities.

4. Exit from the maze

5 6 Teams are required for the allotted time to withdraw all their participants from the ancient maze, keeping the ball on the ropes on the pallet.

5. Abseiling

7 9 Teams will descend from a height till 6 meters

13:15 – 14:15 Lunch (served in the tented area – salads already included)

11 14:15  Depart to Gobustan Mud Volcano

14:15 – 15:40  Safari & View Points

15:40 – 16:25  Mud Volcano 

Participants will learn basic information about mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan. A visit to the existing craters of volcanoes and Salsovogo Lake. During the visit, participants should take advantage of the mud from the crater of the volcano, pass the dedication, drawing on his face or another part of the body a small drawing-icon. Participants can help each other.

16:25 – 17:40  Drive back to hotel            

10 Included services:

  1. Jeep, Toyota Prado, Mitsubishi Pajero and etc., 4x4 for Gobustan and mud volcanoes (4 person in 1 car)
  2. 2 English speaking guide service
  3. Master class making meat Kebab, Chicken Kebab, vegetable Kabab and 1 kind of vegetable salad, Samovar ta with local sweets in Gobustan area
  4. All interactive points - animators, recit
  5. Job assignments

1. Zorkhana

2. Archery

3. Javelin throw

4. Exit from the maze

5. Abseiling

  1. Entry fee