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Karusel Chanel Russia

Azerbaijan  Adventure team provide tourism services for Russia television chanel Karusel in October 2018.

Karusel TV channel is the bright kaleidoscope of the best educative and entertaining shows, favorite animation serials and cartoons, funny play projects. Unique programs with developing elements educate young viewers and activate creative skills and develop the horizon. Top psychologists and teachers, innovation educative programs authors take part in creating the contents for wide children and teen audience. 

Advertisement on Karusel channel is a great chance to promote your brand to the huge audience. Children and Youth TV channel Karusel started its broadcasting on the 1st of January in 2011 based on “Tele nanny” and “Bibigon” channels in 24-hour format. Karusel is a new format channel: quality, interactive, with multiple platforms, safe and modern which means is a success for advertisement of your business. Chanel is based on systematic way of producing high quality content. Karusel channel is unique international television project for children and youth.

Karusel is the best place to promote kid’s services and toys. Channel influence not only the kids, but their parents as well.

RMAA Group is ready to offer you advertising on TV channel “Karusel” taking into account specifics of your business that will allow your company to reach maximum efficiency of impact on your target audience.

Country Date of travel Number of people
Russia 25 - 27.10.2018 56 people

Provided services

  • Accommodation
  • Meet and greet at airport
  • Transportation services 
  • Guided excursions
  • Teambuildings
  • Conference
  • Lunch
  • Gala Dinner
  • Interteinment 
  • Visa assistance 

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