Twills India

In March 2018 Azerbaijan Adventures met one of biggest Indian cloter trade company Twills. 

Founded back in 1995, Twills was launched with a Strong Legacy and aspiration to conceptualize the idea of distinctive fashion in the minds of young and uber cool men. With the zeal for design innovation and authentic fashion at its heart, Twills has created its own niche in the market through its integrated style and fresh colors for the growing Indian consumer class.

We were just a team of guys with our first collection of colored cotton trousers, and in less than 25 years we evolved ourselves as a one stop solution and an expert in conveying International code in Indian Comforts.

Twills has about 600 dedicated employees and marketers across India to provide best class catering and one of its kind buying experience. Gender and Cultural differences are considered to be an advantage with a collaborative working atmosphere promoting fashion, exploring different market segment and thus good results.

Country Date of travel Number of people
India 01 - 07.03.2018 220 people

Provided services

  • Accommodation
  • Meet and greet at airport
  • Transportation services 
  • Guided excursions
  • Teambuildings
  • Conference
  • Lunch
  • Gala Dinner
  • Interteinment 
  • Visa assistance 

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