Are you thinking of making MICE with a difference?
When planning your next event, think of a new way to do it.
Think about a serious, but not boring event.
Remember to engage your guests in an experience they won't forget.
And think of creative meetings, cultural proposals, participatory activities, original teamwork, interaction with local communities, a touch of natural life and surprising and sweet adventures.

What can we do for you?
A great event is like a perfect recipe. It needs proper planning, a touch of creativity and a team of dedicated professionals.
At Azerbaijan Adventures, we can provide a suitable concept according to your needs and expectations. We will also find the best suppliers and services for you and offer you professional management throughout the entire event production process.
With more than 35 years of experience, a vocation for service and a team of creative minds, at Azerbaijan Adventures we can help you organize your next MICE event.
Team Building
Our team building and games activities focus on specific areas of team building performance: leadership development, goal setting, communication, creative thinking, trust, cooperation and team development, negotiation, innovation, interaction and many more.
At Azerbaijan Adventures, we specialise in sweet adventures and active holidays and therefore organise bespoke outdoor programmes involving a variety of venues, cultural environments and educational experiences, ranging from sweet adventures to physically stimulating activities.

Team-Building-Activities-Your-Team-Will-Actually-Love Quick Team Building Activities
Helping together
Working in teams to help people in need is a perfect activity to develop the skills necessary for our daily lives and will give all participants the opportunity to give something back.
We are part of something that is truly worthwhile and will remain in your memories forever. Something money can't buy.
Help as a team in orphanages, temple schools that provide education to disadvantaged children, children's hospitals, and mountain tribe development projects. There are also many environmental projects that are suitable for teamwork.
A unique experience to promote leadership, cooperation, communication, trust and teamwork.
Our participants will have to prove if they can survive on an island with a minimum of equipment. They will soon discover that they could only do this if they worked as a team.
A perfect adventure to promote leadership, cooperation and teamwork

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