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Useful information

We want to tell you about a wonderful country — Azerbaijan, its unique nature, unique culture and long history, the inhabitants of this country — their lives, customs and traditions, a young but already plays an important role in world politics gosudarstve. Etimologi is named «Azerbaijan» is of ancient origin. It is known that the majority of the population living in the area before our era, were fire-worshipers. Thus, according to one version, the name comes from the word «Azer» which means fire, flames. According to another version, the name of the country comes from combining the words «az» and «er», which were used in ancient times the territory of Azerbaijan.

Time has preserved for us many archaeological and architectural monuments of antiquity. Stone epitaph manuscripts have come down to us from time immemorial carpet patterns say a lot to those who can, and most importantly wants them chitat. Azerbaijan — a country of ancient culture and traditions. In 12 century in Ganja city lived famous poet Nizami Ganjavi. Oguz tribes which moved here for centuries in this area assimilizirovalis with the local population, have found a deeply rooted culture and in their turn enriched it with Turkic traditions. The talented and creative powers of our nation are personified in «Kitabi Dede Gorgud», «Oguzname» «Keroglu» and many other epic monuments. This fertile, generous and friendly land was the home of many thinkers, philosophers, scientists, poets, architects, musicians and artists. According to legend Zardush (Zoroaster) was born on this earth. Azerbaijan land gave humanity such geniuses as Nizami Ganjavi, Khagani Shirvani Bahmanyar, Nasimi Fuzuli, Nasiraddin Tusi, Shah Ismail Khatai, Molla Panah Vagif, A.Bakihanov, MFAkhundov, MASabir, Dj., Huseyn Javid, J.Jabbarli, Samad Vurgun, Aliaga Vahid, Rasul Rza. Picturesque scenery of his native country was reflected in art canvases Sattar Bahlulzade, Tahir Salahov, Togrul Narimanbekov, Mikail Abdullayev and other talented masters of the brush. Our music mugam inspired such outstanding composers as Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Muslim Magomayev, Gara Garayev, Fikret Amirov, Niyazi , Arif Melikov and others to works today reverberating around the world, gave us such singers possessing magical, charming voice as Bulbul, Rashid Behbudov.