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How come to Azerbaijan

Transport — is probably the most important means in planning the travel in any countries. Of course, everybody wants the transport be predictable, comfortable and available. How do things stand with transport in Azerbaijan? Let’s begin with how to get into the country.

Air Transport

First — it is the national airline “Azerbaijan Airlines” — AZAL, which operates flights through Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport and other airports in the country. The route network from AZAL quite extensive: it is the main European cities and capitals of CIS countries, among the local directions most popular is Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic where air transport is the main means of communication with the rest of the country (the ticket price — 100 euros round trip). There are also airports in Ganja, Lankaran, Zagatala and Gabala. The latter has been recently commissioned and its main destination connects with tourism.  Stunning nature, spa resorts, luxury hotels, children’s centres, racetrack, golf course and ski resort are planned for the near future. Many of the leading European airlines fly to Baku. For Europeans, one of these options is Baltic airline AirBaltic. Namely, it is possible to arrive in Azerbaijan from Central Europe by using the aircrafts of this air carrier, it is cheaper, and you can save money when planning a complex itinerary. AirBaltic’s cost calculation is the result of summing up the segments, as one way ticket offered by the traditional airlines can be cost the ticket of AirBaltic for round trip. Kiev makes favorable offer — from Aeroflot via Moscow for 320USD. AZAL offers regular price for flights Kiev-Baku-Kiev on average 450USD, to Paris – 700 USD, to London — up to  900 USD. AZAL has direct flights to the cities of the CIS countries: Aktau, Kiev, Mineral Waters, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tbilisi, as well as Turkey, Dubai, Kabul, London, Milan, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Urumqi. If you have a complicated route, then one more good option for you is to continue the journey through Dubai. Since 2009, the Arab loukost FlyDubai has started the flights to the capital of Azerbaijan. Now Baku-Dubai — two hours in one direction and up to 200 USD, afterwards you can enjoy any flights of route networks FlyDubai or Emirates. Furthermore the airline Qatar Airways makes flights from Baku to more than 100 destinations around the world (www.qatarairways.com). Low prices for a number of cities of Europe and Turkey are offered by airline AZAL according to the arrangement with Pegasus Airlines. Tickets to Stuttgart and Cologne amount 330 euros, and to Amsterdam, Stockholm, Basel, Copenhagen, Zurich, Munich, Berlin and Dusseldorf — 340 euros. The company also offers price starting from 290 euros to 15 cities in Turkey. All prices are exclusive of airport charges. You can be found flight schedule at — www.azal.az. Good news for tourists: on board of airlines AZAL now available mobile communications, and the next step will be to provide the operator of Internet services. This will be the first in the CIS project to provide a full range of communication services on board of aircraft. Azerbaijani mobile operator — Azerfon, has a 10-year exclusive agreement with AZAL to provide mobile communication services on aircraft. However, the other two mobile operators concluded a roaming agreement with Azerfon, will also be able to provide mobile communication services on aircraft. The system has already been introduced in 9 Airbuses, and it will be provided next year in another 4  Airbuses and 3 Boeing Dream Liner of AZAL. By the way the cost for calling makes 1.75 AZN per minute, regardless of the zone of flying of the plane.

Railway Transport

We proceed from air transport to rail transport. Unfortunately, this kind of transport at the moment has not yet become a priority in Azerbaijan and therefore has not become fast and modern. Today it is possible to use such routes as the Tbilisi-Baku, Baku-Tumen, Rostov-Baku, Baku-Kharkov, etc. More information about the directions and the train schedule is available at www.railway.gov.az. Trains and local trains are too slow, therefore road transport is preferred for travel within the country.

Bus Trips

The first thing you should pay attention to the ideal quality of route to the airport, and the two sided highway! So get stuck in traffic on the way to the plane is unlikely. You will spend on average 25-30 minutes to get from the centre of Baku to airport, a taxi costs 20-25 euros. Often the autobahn to airport is the only thing that post-Soviet country can boast, but this is not about Azerbaijan, where the development of transport infrastructure — this is one of the most important national priorities. Excellent roads with a perfect coating and markings are directed to all major cities and tourist centres, so travel around the country is a pleasure. You can travel between Baku and regions of Azerbaijan on buses and minibuses. That’s about the fare on the bus from Baku to Zagatala (7 euros), Shaki (5 euros) Lahij (4 euros). The cost of travel and the schedule of the buses in all directions within the country can be found at this link.

The rates and schedule of buses of Baku International Bus Station can be found at this link.

Baku International Bus Station is located at the entrance to the capital. You can get there from 20th January underground on public transport buses (No.197, 116, 90). The bus No.90 goes from the bus station to the centre of the capital. The fare on the public transport buses in the capital is 0.2 euros.

Taxi service 

Taxis in Baku are the purple London cabs! The locals call them “eggplants”. Two years ago the production of these cabs was sold by the English to Chinese, according to the contract, in the capital of Azerbaijan is to be delivered 3000 of purple cars. In Baku, they are now about 1,000. The first machines «LondonTaxi» GeelyTX4 arrived in Azerbaijan in 2011. It should be added that 5 passengers can seat in these cars, and, instead of the front passenger seat — the trunk. Drivers say that the design of the machine has high security, as cab driver and passengers are separated by glass, there is only a window for cash. Km distance is about 4 cents. Taxi drivers, by the way, drive strictly according to the meter! Petroleum in Baku is 60 kopecks per liter for 95, 55 kopecks — for the A93, and 45 kopecks per a liter of diesel fuel (about 0.7, 0.6 and 0.5 euros per liter, accordingly). Tariffication according to the meter: seating in the bus makes 1 euro per km — 0.6 euros. To use the service of “London” taxis it is enough to call Baku Taxi Company to short code * 9000. Another convenient twenty-four-hour taxi service is provided by “Motor Service” Company, it receives the orders by calling (99412) 189. Taxis in the regions make 1-2 manats. Also in the province still remains authentic “Lada” with warm-blooded drivers. There is certain romanticism of eastern temperament!

Underground Transport

Baku is a major metropolis and the fastest way of moving there is its underground. Like any post-Soviet undergrounds, Baku underground is a sample of the celebration of design and architecture (it is prohibited to take photo inside). One of such magnificent undergrounds is “Nizami” underground named after the famous Azerbaijani poet. The station is one of the most beautiful ones in the Baku metropolitan. The underground hall was decorated with a mosaic portrait of Nizami Ganjavi and panels on the topic of his works, authored by the People’s Artist of the USSR Mikail Abdullayev. The fare at the underground 20 kopecks (0.2 euros). More information about the history, activities and access to the Baku metropolitan is available  at metro.gov.az, presented in three languages ​​- Azerbaijani, Russian and English.

Rent a car

Almost Azerbaijan Adventures have representative offices at Baku airport. The rental makes about 60 USD per day for sedan. Cars can be rented with a driver or without. In general, to travel across the country is easy and simple, the country is relatively small and you do not spend much time for travel, everywhere along the road are numerous snackbars, where for 5-8 euros per person you can eat incredibly hearty and delicious meal with plenty of meat dishes. Transport — is one of the important components of a successful journey in Azerbaijan this is no problem. Worth one visit to Azerbaijan as completely overturned many stereotypes and myths that exist about it. Baku without exaggeration may be called the European capital with amazing oriental flavor. You can reserve a transfer or monthly car rental here