Baku Old City

Today, we begin our discovery of the city of Baku, enjoying a sightseeing tour of Baku’s most absorbing sights. We’ll visit to the city’s main monumental, historical and architectural attractions before climbing to the city’s highest point at Upland Park for an impressive panorama of the Azeri capital and its bay. From there we’ll descend to the old city, known locally as Icheri sheher. This was all there was of Baku until the mid-19th century when, as a result of the oil boom, a growth spurt caused the city to spill beyond its defensive walls.

Azerbaijan has many historical and cultural monuments that have also been included in the World Heritage UNESCO. The old town is at the top of this list with structures like the Maiden Tower the highest museum complex in inner settlement with a cult legend is considered and the largest Shirvanshahs' Palace.

Most of the buildings here on the territory of the city of 22 hectares of total area belong to the 11th century AD.

shirvanshahs palace2.jpg    

At all times, this country has been located at an excellent geographical point connecting the trade routes of Europe and Asia. So since the millenniums of the Great Silk Road, caravanserais were built here, which served as a place for merchants to stay overnight.

Today, just 1300 families call Icheri sheher, this city within a city, home. It’s a delightful place to take an evening stroll through the maze of streets to the gathering place of Fountains Square. There are also plenty of opportunities for shopping, should you wish.

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